Welcome to the official Bytemind Website!

>What is Bytemind about?

Bytemind is a webcomic about a robot named Paz and his friend J-Mod. The small planet they live on is ruled by an evil dictator named Byte Thousandstar. Paz and J-Mod were once apart of a resistance against Byte, but after said resistance gets wiped out apart from Paz and J-Mod, they're tasked with taking down Byte and his army of brainwashed robots known as "The Bytemind".

>How long will this webcomic be?

Bytemind won't be too long, I'm estimating about ~8 issues for the whole thing. I currently have pretty much all of it asides from one or two issues written out curently.

>What is the expected tone and atmosphere of this comic?

The comic's tone is bleak and dark, but still maintaining a light comedic tone at moments. I know pretty dark comics can be a turn-off to some, so I assure you, Bytemind isn't all gritty. It has some pretty nice moments of character interaction and development as well!

>Who the hell is making this thing?

I am, duh. My name is Danielle Maxine, Dani, for short. I am an animator and artist. My portfolio mainly consists of Animation, but I've always wanted to dabble in comics. I used to make comics as a kid for fun, and I remember enjoying making them. I also really enjoy creating indepth universes with intertwining characters and storylines, so I think what I have planned now is perfect for me.

>What the hell is Mystgroove Studios??

Mystgroove Studios is a studio created by me and my friend WammieArts. All it really is at this current moment in time is just a Discord server where we talk about ideas and such, but one day we'd like to make is more than that.

>Where and how can I contact you?

If you would like to contact me for any requests or even fanart, here's my contact details.

Discord: ★DaniJam★#2962

E-Mail: bytemindcomic@gmail.com

Some advice: I am more likely to respond on Discord than E-Mail, but if you're looking for a more professional approach, go to E-Mail.