The earliest concept art of Bytemind.
This was made before the comic even was a thought in my head
I also do not consider the robot in the image as an early version of
Paz as he was conceptualized  as a character much later on.

The earliest concept art of Paz.
I drew this during my high school lunch break with the
intent of making a new character as I was a bit sick of 
reusing my old characters over and over.
This dates back to March 8th, 2022

The second earliest concept art of Paz.
I also drew this during a high school lunch break.
This was the first time I considered using Paz
as a main character in a webcomic as well.
The idea was for Paz to be raised by a bunch of
criminals that accidentally stole him in a heist.
This dates back to March 11th, 2022


City Reject was the first version of 
Bytemind I tried to develop fully.
The comic was about a homeless girl named
Yuki  somehow coming into posession of
Paz via a trash binor something of the sort.
From then on, they'd become good friends and
somehow also take down the mob.

Early art of Paz .
You can start to see his design was evolving a lot.

Early art of Paz   and Yuki.
This drawing was most likely the first time I
drew Paz in color, as well as Yuki.

More early art of Paz  and Yuki.
As you can see here, Paz's main weapon was
going to be a weird gun-thingy instead of his Scythe/Sickle.

This is concept art of what was to be the
main villain of City Reject and the creator of Paz, Eric Smyley.

Sketches of various environments and
locations that were to be used for reference in City Reject.

A rough draft of a potential layout 
I wanted to use for the comic's site.

Sonic 4 Fan Comic

(I swear, this cohesively ties into the
conceptualization of Bytemind.)
A lot of the Ideas I had for Bytemind started with a
Sonic The Hedgehog fan comic I was 
trying to make at the time.
The biggest thing that came from this was a machine
Dr. Robotnik creates called "The Chrome Gadget".
The idea of this machine morphed and eventually I
thought, "I should just make an original comic."
What follows is only a couple of the pages I made of the comic.

Jammin'Universe: Robot Wars

After I dropped the Sonic Fan Comic, I immediately
started working on what I would call,
"Jammin'Universe: Robot Wars", a comic which would
eventually become Bytemind.
With this, I also decided to give Paz a redesign from
how I would initally draw him while working on City Reject​.
You can also see the first art I made of J-Mod and Byte.
(Fun Fact: J-Mod was initially designed as a villain.)

Some sketches of Paz and a very early
Byte Thousandstar, then named "Trillionstar".

Some early sketches of Byte.
As you can see, he used to have a wheel instead of legs.
This concept remained far into the developement of
Bytemind Issue 1.

Sketches of EVIL FUCKED UP J-Mod.
I still think that 2nd one goes hard.

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